• Jun 19, 17
  • admin

Looking for a software to create your own scores? Of course there are the top notation software brands like Sibelius and Finale, but if you're looking for a perfectly good software to create scores for yourself or your students that's free, look no further than Noteflight.

What is Noteflight? Noteflight is a great way to create, store, listen to, print, search and share notated music online. If you are a composer, you can use Noteflight to author and manage your compositions. If you are a performer, you can use Noteflight to create and share sheet music that you like to play. If you're a teacher or a student, you can use Noteflight to communicate and collaborate in learning music.

Although Noteflight offers a premium version that costs money, the basic Noteflight software is free, and completely adequate for all of your teaching and composing needs. Your account will store your files as well, so you can keep track of them and retrieve them easily. Just a free login is all that's needed!