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August 03 2019

We are excited to announce the first National School Choir competition, “Festival of Choirs”, as part of our 5th annual music education conference. we will be hosting the Festival on Saturday, August 3rd at New Delhi. The adjudicators this year will include senior voice/music professionals from the USA and India.

To participate, schools needs to electronically send a video recording of the choir performance (up to 3 minutes and excerpts of not more than 2 songs) by May 18th, 2019 for the preliminary round. The top 10 choirs will be invited to participate in the main choir festival event on Saturday, 3rd August 2019, in Delhi. WMEA and NAfME will honour these 10 choirs with the participation certificate and prizes for the winners.



  1. Only one choir group is allowed per school.

  2. Each group must prepare 2 songs of different genres to showcase their versatility.

  3. One of the songs may be in a language other than English.

  4. Each group must have a maximum of 30 members and a minimum of 12, between the ages 10-17 years.

  5. Music accompaniment must be live and no pre-recorded tracks will be allowed.

  6. A maximum of 4 instruments may be used.

  7. Each group must bring their own musical instruments other than piano and drum kit, which will be provided.

  8. Accompanists must be school students, however, one teacher may also accompany.

  9. The conductor may be a school teacher or student.

  10. Groups will be given a total time of 15 minutes on stage. This will include set up and time between songs.

  11. Each choir must be in their school uniform and carry their IDs.

  12. Groups will be introduced by the MC, but each group must introduce and justify their choice of songs.

  13. Sound system will be provided.

  14. Schools will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs.

Language for Choir Festival Entries regarding Appropriate Topics: All repertoire submitted for application for acceptance as well as performed during the festival must be appropriate for young singers. Repertoire that encourages or glorifies alcoholic consumption, sexuality, or other adult subjects is unacceptable. As you seek repertoire appropriate for performance be certain to understand the lyrics, the meaning behind the lyrics, and the message the song conveys to the audience. We encourage youth to express themselves, and we believe music performance can be a vehicle for this expression. We ask that your students perform age-appropriate materials for this WMEA sponsored event and hope you will consider this policy as you program music for your students throughout the year.

The aim of this festival is to provide a platform for choirs and teachers of different schools to interact, listen and to learn from one another. However, mention of outstanding performances will be made based on song selection, musicality, harmony, tonality, instrumentation, clarity, balance and innovation. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

For any queries, our team may be reached on 9810098755, 9910006390, 9899887449 or simply by an email to info@wmea.in. We look forward an exciting start to this Annual Festival!

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